Por que a Mi? Why Me?.pdf

Por que a Mi? Why Me? PDF

¿Por qué yo? Versos Positivos Cuando hay Pérdida y Tristeza guía para niños pequeños y grandes en circunstancias de la vida que a veces son catastróficas. ¿Por qué yo? Se ha diseñado para llevar palabras de aliento a aquellos que han sido afectados por situaciones que les ha cambiado la vida como la muerte, la pérdida de una mascota, el cambio en la estructura familiar o uno de tantos retos y decepciones.Why Me? Positive Verse for Loss and Sadness eloquently guides both young and old readers through lifes sometimes catastrophic events. Using poetic free verse, Phebe Phillips leads her readers into an awareness that each of us is special and that indeed, each of us is loved. Why Me? is designed to bring words of comfort to those affected by life-changing events from the cataclysmic such as a death, to the heart-breaking loss of a pet, or to a change in the family structure such as a divorce or another of lifes many challenges or disappointments. Beautifully illustrated in chalk pastels, Phebe frees each reader to use their own imagination as she weaves her story to include diverse portrayals of ethnicity and gender while using animals in human form. This story was originally created at the suggestion of the Dallas Chapter of the American Red Cross to address positively the hard subjects of loss and sadness. Since its beginning 4000 copies have been placed in the ARCs Emergency Response Vehicles for distribution to those in need of comforting words. Why Me? is appropriate for all ages.



ISBN 9780983782087
AUTOR Phebe Phillips
DATEINAME Por que a Mi? Why Me?.pdf

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