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In Savages, Don Winslow introduced Ben and Chon, twentysomething best friends who risk everything to save the girl they both love, O. Now, in his high-octane prequel, Winslow reaches back in time to tell the story of how Ben, Chon and O became the people they are. Spanning fifty years, from 1960s Southern California to the recent past, it is a tale of family in all its forms - fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, friends and lovers. As the younger generation does battle with a cabal of drug dealers and crooked cops, they come to learn that their future is inextricably linked with their parents history. A series of breakneck twists and turns puts the two generations on a collision course, culminating in a stunning showdown that will ultimately force Ben, Chon and O to choose between their real families, and their love for each other.



ISBN 9780099576549
AUTOR Don Winslow
DATEINAME The Kings of Cool.pdf

Geniale Masche? „Kings of Cool“ erzählt die Vorgeschichte zu Don Winslows „Zeit des Zorns“, unter dem O-Titel „Savages“ von Oliver Stone verfilmt und gerade in den Kinos (siehe dazu unser heutiges KickAss). Anfangs war Eva Karnofsky skeptisch … Nanu, sollte er doch fehlbar sein, dieser Gott unter den Spannungsautoren? Denn irgendwie kommt es bekannt vor, was Don Winslow da auf

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