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An Orange Prize FinalistA Man Booker Prize Nominee Winner of the 2009 Betty Trask PrizeA Guardian First Book Award Nominee Jake is in the tailspin of old age. His wife has passed away, his son is in prison, and now he is about to lose his past to Alzheimers. As the disease takes hold of him, Jakes memories become increasingly unreliable. What happened to his daughter? Is she alive, or long dead? Why is his son imprisoned? And why cant he shake the memory of a yellow dress and one lonely, echoing gunshot? Like Marilynne Robinsons Gilead, The Wilderness holds us in its grip from the first sentence to the last with the sheer beauty of its language and its ruminations on love and loss.



ISBN 9780307454775
AUTOR Samantha Harvey
DATEINAME The Wilderness.pdf

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