Friesland (1551-1601) And Groningen (1538-1601).pdf

Friesland (1551-1601) And Groningen (1538-1601) PDF

This volume presents a rich collection of archival records on the Anabaptist movement in Friesland and Groningen in the second half of the sixteenth century, such as reports of interrogations, sentences, edicts, and letters of officials. New light is shed on the pattern in the repression of the Anabaptist movement which was entirely different in the two northern provinces. The merciless persecution in Friesland stands in opposition to the relative liberty of the Anabaptists in Groningen in that time.This carefully documented collection of sources was assembled by Professor A.F. Mellink. After his death in 1987 the manuscript was not ready for publication. Dr. S. Zijlstra completed and supplemented the annotation and transcribed and introduced a number of documents which were recently added to the collection.The sources will be of interest for historians and church historians in particular.



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THE GRONINGEN STEWARD HIERONYMUS FREDERIKS (f 1558): … 218 W. JANSE meester) (l 554-1557) .6 As lawyer by profession, doctorated in secular and ecclesiastical law, he was closely associated with the 1550 amend-ment of the Groningen district law, the Ommelander Landrecht.1 From a political viewpoint Doctor Hieronymus, as he was usually called, occu- Book Notices - JSTOR

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