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Its taken me three years to unpack the events of my life, to remember who did what when and why, to separate the myths from the reality, to unravel what really happened at the Holiday Inn on Keith Moons 21st birthday, says Roger Daltrey, the powerhouse vocalist of The Who. The result of this introspection is a remarkable memoir, instantly captivating, funny and frank, chock-full of well-earned wisdom and one-of-kind anecdotes from a raucous life that spans a tumultuous time of change in Britain and America. Born in the heart of the London Blitz in March 1944, Daltrey fought his way (literally) through school and poverty and began to assemble the band that would become The Who while working at a sheet metal factory in 1961. In Daltreys voice, the familiar stories--how they got into smashing up their kit, the infighting, Keith Moons antics--take on a new, intimate life. Also here is the creative journey through the unforgettable hits including My Generation, Substitute, Pinball Wizard, and the great albums Whos Next, Tommy and Quadrophenia. Amidst all the music, mayhem, drugs, premature deaths, and ruined hotel rooms, Roger is our perfect narrator, remaining sober (relatively) and observant and determined to make The Who bigger and bigger. Not only his personal story, this is the definitive biography of The Who.



ISBN 9781250237101
AUTOR Roger Daltrey
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Roger Daltrey, the lead vocalist of The Who, is also the author of a recent memoir, Thanks a Lot Mr. Kibblewhite: My Story, billed on the group’s website as “as much a story of survival as it is of success.” The title recalls the moment when his headmaster, Mr. Kibblewhite, expelled him from grammar school at 15 with the crushing comment, “You’ll never make anything of your life Thanks a Lot Mr Kibblewhite: My Story eBook: … THANKS A LOT MR KIBBLEWHITE: My Story is one of the best rock memoirs I have ever read, and Roger Daltrey one of the very few rock musicians I would like to know personally, and would liked to have known even way back when he was starting out and during The Who's glory days. I like him, I respect him, and I feel I really got to know the man, in

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