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With over 22 million albums sold, stadiums sold out around the world and seven performances at the White House, the Jonas Brothers have carefully guarded their private lives and inner struggles. Until now.For the last year, Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas have sat down and spilled their hearts and souls out on paper to put together a rare and revealing memoir about twenty-six years of brotherhood.Told in their own voices, this is the totally unfiltered and completely true story of the Jonas Brothers: from their hardscrabble beginnings to their unexpected rise to fame, from their contentious break-up to finding love to their breathtakingly successful reunion – as a band and as friends.Equal parts moving and funny, this is the raw story of the many rises and falls, relationships and break-ups of the Jonas Brothers – three pastor’s kids who never expected to become the most popular band in the world. Twice.With sixteen pages of colour photos and dozens more images inside – some never-before-seen – this is a must-read for Jonas Brothers fans old and new. And with a candid, searing and at times hilarious interplay of chapters between the brothers, it’s a portrait of family life in the high-stakes world of pop culture that’s appealing to any reader.



ISBN 9781529031805
AUTOR Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas, Neil Strauss

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