Awakening Through a Course in Miracles.pdf

Awakening Through a Course in Miracles PDF

Beloved One, I invite you to read this book. Through its inspired voice, it: * Clarifies the essential wisdom of A Course In Miracles * Progresses from the simple to the most advanced teachings * Brings true peace and joy * Focuses on practical application Love, David Do you desire clarification of the Course metaphors and want to go past common blocks? Are you tired of being a seeker and ready to be a finder? Then this book is for you! Written in a warm, engaging question-and-answer style that sparkles with laughter, this book will show you how to: * Forgive all your relationships * Experience unshakable inner peace * Overcome pain, loneliness and death * Find the strength and love of God * Awaken Now!



ISBN 9780578008189
AUTOR David Hoffmeister
DATEINAME Awakening Through a Course in Miracles.pdf

A Course in Miracles defines awakening as the end of the dream of separation, conflict, fear, pain and death, and the experience of the reality of the joy, peace and ...

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