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Do you also have the feeling that your choir could be a lot more spirited? That your singers cling to the notes and do not listen to each other enough? And that the audience actually should no longer bear to remain seated?If so, this comprehensive book on choral conducting for pop, jazz and gospel music contains the answers to these questions: Based on his wealth of experience in choral conducting, Martin Carbow discusses central issues such as rehearsing methods, choir work without notes, ear training and, above all, the groove in the choir. In addition to explaining technical terms, dealing with rhythmical problems and presenting exercises, he eventually also reveals his groove secrets. Christoph Schönherr explores the issue of vocal improvisation in choirs, the relationship of word and sound as well as the importance of conducting and the role of the choir director in the jazz and pop choir, among others. This book also provides information on further training courses for choir directors (and choirs), auditions, concerts, voice and voice training in popular music, accompaniment, arrangements, and many other aspects. Martin Carbow received the Special Award for the best groove at the German Choir Competition in 2002. He also won prizes for choral arrangements and compositions, conducts numerous choral workshops and teaches at various academies and music schools.Christoph Schönherr has been director of the jazz choir of the Hochschule für Musik und TheaterHamburg since 1987 where he has also taught ensemble conducting since 1990. At present, he holds a chair of Practical music-making at schools and its didactics.



ISBN 9783795705664
AUTOR Martin Carbow, Christoph Schönherr
DATEINAME Chorleitung Pop, Jazz und Gospel.pdf

Startseite - deutsch - INSPIRED inspired! ist eines der Musikensembles an der Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche. 2013 gewann inspired! den Berliner Chorwettbewerb in der Kategorie Jazz/Pop/Gospel und war 2014 im Finale des 9. Deutschen Chorwettbewerbs in Weimar. Aktuelle Besetzung: ALT Chorleitung -

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