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In 1519 Hernan Cortes reaches the Gulf of Mexico after having exercised piracy in the Caribbean. He wants to seize the wealth and land of the mighty king Moctezuma. That same year, Charles I, about to become Carlos V comes to Barcelona. It is the culmination of his victory as the heir to his adversary, his brother, the Infante Fernando. Two monarchs in different continents are fighting for their respective empires, although there is only room for one. And amid all this upheaval, two brothers, two noble Catalans from Ors lineage, intertwine their destinies in opposite directions so as unpredictable. One of them, Guifre takes sides with Moctezuma, after eleven years with the Aztecs. The other, Domnech, is part of the court of Charles I after a dazzling career in the Church.



ISBN 9788489367692
AUTOR Emma Ros
DATEINAME En Tierra de Dioses.pdf

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