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In 2015, Noah Strycker set himself a lofty goal: to become the first person to see half the worlds birds in one year. For 365 days, with a backpack, binoculars, and a series of one-way tickets, he traveled across forty-one countries and all seven continents, eventually spotting 6,042 species-by far the biggest birding year on record. This is no travelogue or glorified checklist. Noah ventures deep into a world of chronic sleep deprivation, airline snafus, breakdowns, mudslides, floods, war zones, ecologic devastation, conservation triumphs, common and iconic species, and scores of passionate bird lovers around the globe. By pursuing the freest creatures on the planet, he gains a unique perspective on the world they share with us-and offers a hopeful message that even as many birds face an uncertain future, more people than ever are working to protect them. Birding Without Borders is light-hearted and filled with stories of exotic birds, risky adventures, and colorful birding companions. - New York Times Book Review Highly recommended for anyone interested in travel, natural history, and adventure. - Library Journal Even readers who wouldnt know a marvellous spatuletail from a southern ground hornbill will be awed by Stryckers achievement and appreciate the passion with which he pursues his interest. - Publishers Weekly



ISBN 9781328494634
AUTOR Noah Strycker
DATEINAME Birding Without Borders.pdf

This book, ‘Birding Without Borders’, is the story of that adventure and it can be fairly called an adventure given some of the situations he experiences. But does the book slip into being a self-indulgent recollection of one man’s attempt to achieve something both pointless and expensive? The title, recalling both ‘Médecins Sans BIRDING WITHOUT BORDERS by Noah Strycker | … Discovering the universal nature of humanity’s kindness while pursuing a birding world record. In 2015, Birding magazine associate editor Strycker (The Thing with Feathers: The Surprising Lives of Birds and What They Reveal About Being Human, 2015, etc.) set a goal to see half of the world’s bird species in one year.Though his journey took him to all seven continents and over 40 countries

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