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Paul Tillich und die Religionspädagogik PDF

This volume comprises an analysis by Johannes Kubik of the reception of the theologian Paul Tillich in religious education. In particular, he looks at the perception of Tillich’s central theological concepts of “religion”, “correlation” and “symbol”. The study also examines texts by Tillich in his capacity as a religious teacher. The theological basis of these texts proves to be Tillich’s early theology of justification, i.e. the Protestant principle, which is therefore also subjected to a detailed systematic theological analysis. This reveals on the one hand new perspectives on Tillich’s theology, but at the same time the study also proposes amendments to the existing Tillich reception and offers new viewpoints on his significance for religious education today.



ISBN 9783899719017
AUTOR Johannes Kubik
DATEINAME Paul Tillich und die Religionspädagogik.pdf

Paul Johannes Tillich (Starzeddel, 20 agosto 1886 – Chicago, 22 ottobre 1965) è stato un ... The Irrelevance and Relevance of the Christian Message for Humanity Today);; Teologia sistematica, 4 voll., Claudiana, Torino 1996-2006.

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