You Always Change the Love of Your Life (for Another Love or Another Life).pdf

You Always Change the Love of Your Life (for Another Love or Another Life) PDF

The perfect Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day gift for your favorite single friend (or yourself!)A delightful interactive roadmap for getting over a broken heart, with quirky illustrations, song lyrics that totally get it, recipes for eating your feelings, the unique comfort of making lists, and much moreA broken heart can feel like the end of the world, but bestselling author and illustrator Amalia Andrade knows this simply isn’t true. Change is not a defeat or a surrender, but rather a promise. Because if the “love of your life” doesn’t work out, there is always a chance for something new—a new love, or a new life.When Amalia was faced with her own heartbreak, she knew she couldn’t let herself get lost in despair. With her sunshiny outlook, electrifying energy, and unique sense of humor, she constructed the ultimate first aid kit: an interactive guide to getting over someone through reflections, recipes, and lots of ingenious ideas for transforming a negative experience into a liberating one.In these pages, you’ll find the secret code for interpreting text-message read receipts, loving odes to Beyoncé, the ideal playlist for crying in the shower, and much, much more.You Always Change the Love of Your Life reveals the secret to mending your heart and maybe even opening it up again: in love and in lovelessness, we are never alone.



ISBN 9780143133469
AUTOR Amalia Andrade
DATEINAME You Always Change the Love of Your Life (for Another Love or Another Life).pdf

50 True Love Quotes to Get You Believing in Love … What makes true love special? How do you know that you have met your soulmate and this isn’t just another summer fling that will end too soon and too painfully? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to show you with this collection of true love quotes. By the end, you will know what real love is, and your love life will be all the better Love of My Life • WriteExpress

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