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Monkie is a Shonen adventure battle manga following the young girl Monkie. As a child she was kidnapped by bandits and domesticated by cage the leader of the group who is the only person who seems capable of keeping her under control. This is due to the tremendous strength she obtained after eating the forbidden fruit. However having been so young upon its consumption, she lost her memories and identity as a result.Monkie only recalls her life as a bandit and understands little beyound it. Because of her strength monkie has become an essential member of the bandit group gaining them much infamy. This gets the attention of local villagers much less thrilled with the notorious bandits seret weapon Monkie. A clever boy agrees to help them capture or kill the bandits causing them so much trouble once and for all. This leads to a clash between the two parties with unintended consequences.Monkie is a head strong, confident girl when it comes to her ability and strength. A cocky character always looking for a fight, but can she handle the results of her sometimes villainious deeds in this issue of Monkie?



ISBN 9781732743502
AUTOR Christian C. Michaelis
DATEINAME Monkie.pdf

Dec 5, 2015 - Monkie (digitaal prentenboek) Een tekstloos prentenboekverhaal over de omzwervingen van knuffelaap Monkie, die na een val van de fiets bij ...

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